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Semester Reflection

This semester was crazy, but a good crazy. I want to share with you the classes that I took this spring semester, and what I hope I can keep with me possibly as lessons that I learned from each class. I got this idea from Life With Karla, so go check out her semester reflection.

History 490t- Senior Research Seminar

This was a class where I totally felt alone throughout all of it. Which I guess was the whole point of the class. The entire semester was dedicated to us conducting our own research on a topic that covered World War I, and to be able to write a paper about it and present our findings to the class. I felt alone because unlike this class, the class that comes before this one, 300B-historical writing. In that class, we were required to meet with our professor at least 3 times to go over our research and to have the professor suggest ideas. Now in this class, she did have meetings with her scheduled but she revised the syllabus over 3 times, and because of that she ended up just canceling class instead of holding these meetings.  I know what your thinking “Jessica if you felt lost go to her office hours”. Yeah I wish that I would have put the entire semester there were issues with where all the history professors offices were because a pipe burst, so everyone was everywhere else, and not on that floor so I had no idea where to go. And plus, when we did have that 1 meeting, I felt like she didn’t help me at all with my research. But I got it done, and my research topic, Women’s involvement in World War I was interesting. Because I learned that the U.S. Marines and Navy allowed women in their ranks. Yes, there were women involved in munition factories, as nurses etc before WWII. All in all, though the class was fine, we all just were trying to get our research done and it was only a once a week class.

History 386B- American Social History Part 2

This class! There was like 13 books that we were required to read throughout the semester which was a lot. A book a week, and maybe 4 articles to read throughout the semester. I tried to read a lot of the books starting out the semester but then I started realizing that I did not have to try and read every page, just the intro, which usually gave the whole synopsis of the book, to be honest. And the requirements for the writing assignments were to give a summary of the book, information on the sources that the author used and how it fits in with social history. All in all, the class was interesting with the different topics that we discussed, which surprisingly enough was about minorities throughout U.S history and a lot about women. The only thing that I regret is really not reading a lot of the books entirely, but with trying to balance out my other classes, I was not able to.

History 481- California History

This class was not “oh California how awesome!” This class was all about the things that have been ignored throughout California History, with mainly the focus on the dark history involving the California Indians, and how the U.S. government funded the genocide of the native population within California. There were other topics at the end of the class that focused on other things, like the counterculture movement with the hippies in the ’60s and ’70s which was pretty interesting but all in all the main focus was on the native Americans. The final project presentation that we had to do the week before finals were cool because we got to pick a topic from contemporary history (current events) and relate it to what we learned in the class about California. My group ended up working on female homelessness in California and related it to a book that we had to read during the semester which looked at the history of incarceration within L.A. and how it was mostly minorities that were and have been incarcerated throughout L.A.’s history. We ended up getting a high grade on the assignment because I connected our topic to the book, and mentioned how the book failed to mention anything about women being homeless, even though they make up a huge portion of the homeless population within California. I really enjoyed the content of the class, and I learned stuff about California history that I don’t think I would have learned if I did not take the course. Because we had been discussing throughout the class how we would address these topics to students when we became history teachers (because like 90% in the class was taking this to fulfill a teaching credential requirement). And we all recognized that these topics were just being presented to us, since there was little mentioned about California history when it came to elementary school and junior high, because there was more of a glossing over of the harsh truths about California’s history, and the curriculum at the time only wanted to address the California missions and the gold rush in a positive way. All in all, I know that what I will be taking away from this class is the history that I learned and that hopefully, I could be able to teach kids about it when I become a teacher.

Secondary Education 320- Adolescent Development

This class I took to fulfill a requirement to get into the credential program. it was all about, adolescent development, and how and why adolescents change and what outside factors throughout there life are involved. This was a pretty easy course for me since it was online. It only required discussion posts once a week and maybe a write up about 4 chapters that we had read the textbook after every month was done. The final project, a powerpoint presentation, had us picking an adolescent from a film or book and explaining certain aspects of their development and how it was portrayed in the film. I kind of underestimated how long it would take me, but I addressed the criteria well and my B+ shows that I put the effort into the class, because of course when you find something interesting you are going to put your best efforts towards it.


That’s it for my semester reflection! All in all, I had a great semester with very dedicated professors. And I already know now that I will be definitely doing this same post again at the end of the Fall semester, with a twist since all of my classes will be the rest of the secondary education courses, which are offered online.


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Tumblr Q&A Video

This is the Tumblr Q&A, I got questions from my Tumblr followers and I answered them. This was a really fun video and I hope to do more videos like this. So if you guys want another Q&A video, leave me questions and once I get enough, I’ll do another one!

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May Bullet Journal Layout

Just completed the layout for May’s spread in my bullet journal and I thought I would share it with you guys. Now, I’m not really much of an artsy person, so there isn’t any fancy calligraphy going on. But I just wanted to show you how I’ve created the spread for this month, because I will be working on finals until the 15th of this month, but then it’s back to the grind of filming youtube videos again and writing more blog posts since I have the summer to work on both this blog more and youtube.

My May cover page, I always love finding an inspirational quote to put on the front.

The monthly expense tracker that I use to track my purchases and bills throughout the month. Since I’ve started writing out my purchases it makes it more real on the amount of money that I used to spend on trivial things.

The video tracker for my youtube channel. I haven’t uploaded a lot lately due to university, but I do want to start keeping track of when I film, edit and upload the videos because I know that I want to be filming almost every day at the end of May.

My blog post tracker. Again, for the same reasons as the youtube video tracker. I just want to see when I write a blog post, edit it and publish it. I want to try and figure out more posts that I can work on and share with you guys that aren’t just about my youtube videos, maybe some DIYS, if you guys have any suggestions leave a comment.

May braindump section. Just because I know I’m going to be stressed in the next couple of weeks working on presentations and finals for my classes, so I wanted to have a section where I can get my ideas out, because despite the fact that I will be stressed, I always get the most random ideas, even when I’m stressed. So i want to have a section where I can write my ideas out so i won’t forget them.

My personal/youtube blogposts schedule so far. As you can tell it’s all going to start picking up the day after my last final. I honestly cannot wait for the 16th to come around.

My layout and plans for this week. Again a lot of prepping for presentations that are going on next week, and submitting the last assignments for my classes.

My schedule for next week, which consists of just presentations at the beginning of the week and the first of one of my finals being due. (which mind you, I have no idea why this teacher made their final project due before finals week. But all I know is, is that I’ll be starting to work on it probably Thursday afternoon because it’s a huge powerpoint presentation that we have to submit for our final grade.

My finals week layout which is probably going to be me, sitting in my room working on papers in my pajamas all day before submitting them at the last second and feeling relieved that this semester is finally over.

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Some Changes In My Life

Now, I know that I have not posted an actual blog post in forever. I hope to redeem myself for that with this blog post.

This is not to say that I won’t still be sharing my youtube videos, which there has not been one in like a week or two, because of final projects because the semester is coming to an end. Which means that I’m stressed beyond belief trying to get multiple papers done, and getting groups projects being assigned (which I have to say if they did not work in elementary school, why are you making us do group projects in college?).

But there are things that are going to be changing for me soon because if you guys have not checked the About Me Page on this blog, you should. But if you don’t want to, it’s just a description of myself what my blog is about and where I am at in life right now. And one of the things that I felt like would never really come was the time for me to start taking my proficiency testing to be able to apply for the credential program to become a history teacher at the secondary school level (aka, middle school and/or high school).

What is great about this is that I can take these tests during the summer, so studying for them won’t be a problem for me. And once I get the CBEST completed and finish off my bachelor’s degree in the fall, I will be able to start substitute teaching if I choose to.

I just wanted to let you guys know what I will be prioritizing during the summer, which is the studying for these exams. The CBEST covers reading, writing and math (which I haven’t taken a math class in over 3 years now, so I’m kinda worried about that section) and the CSET, specifically the history ones (since I’m a history major and want to become a history teacher) covers a lot of history (much of which I haven’t learned since middle school or even high school, so again a lot of studying for that one).

But I will try and make blog posts around my studying techniques and how I’m doing on studying for these exams, and maybe go further to explain the examination process etc.

I just wanted to let you guys know what’s going on if I don’t post as many of my youtube videos on here or post any blog posts during the summer time.

If any of you have questions about the process or more about the tests, leave them in the comments down below!

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What’s In My Backpack


This post, is mostly because doing this gave me a reason to clean out my backpack from last semester (because there was ALOT of trash at the bottom of my backpack), and because I do want to share with you guys the items that I keep in my backpack and take with me every day.

  1. Backpack

The backpack that I have is a Trans Jansport backpack, that is in the patriotic print. Now, don’t get me wrong but I only got this backpack was because it was on clearance after the whole back to school sale was over in 2016 for like $10, so of course, I bought it, but if I had more of a selection of colors I would have picked something more neutral. But nevertheless, I have had this backpack for 2 years and it has held up through all the textbooks,  and notebooks that I would carry on my busy days at University as a history major (cause yes, we write and analyze historical events but us history majors usually carry around A LOT of textbooks and reading books). So this backpack has done great.

2.  Pencil case

Now, my pencil case is an old ipsy bag that is big enough to carry around all my pens, pencils, highlighters and post-it notes and page flags. (if you want a more detailed blog post about what’s in my pencil case let me know)

3. Necessity case

Aka, the girly things I need. Like Pepto Bismol (cause you never know when you get acid reflux from the huge amounts of caffeine that I consume on the daily while I’m at uni). I also carry some period products, Midol, aspirin, hand sanitizer, lip balm, and lipstick.

4. Dictionary/Thesaurus

Pocket versions of both reside in my backpack, but as of my 3rd year at the Uni that I go to, I have yet to use these items, to be honest. But that are still in my backpack cause I never know when I’ll use them, especially with me taking my senior research seminar where I have to write a minimum of 30 pages, so you never know I just might use it to figure out synonyms that are long words to make my final big paper sound jazzy.

5. Bullet Journal

I did a fun blog post about the spreads that I created for january and february. This gives me my full weekly view when I need it and it gives me the option to change things on a whim when I need to and adjust deadlines for certain things. The great thing about creating a bullet journal is that it’s customizable and no so rigid like other planners.

6. Day Designer/Blue Sky Monthly/Daily Planner

Yes, I carry a bullet journal and a daily/monthly planner, this is more because this is the one that I whip out when professors mention deadlines or changes in assignments. What’s awesome about this particular planner is that it has the monthly view but then goes into having a page for every day and then a shared page for the weekend. I love this because then I can create tasks lists for all the assignments or readings that I need to get done on a particular day.

7. Notebook

I carry a single subject notebook. I just write all my notes for all my classes in the one notebook and then go and highlight the edge of the page to denote which pages correlate to which set of notes. This is useful when you have exams that ask for lecture materials.

8. Charging Cords

kind of self-explanatory, charging cords are always in my backpack since you never know when my Chromebook, wireless headphones or phone is getting low on battery.


again self-explanatory. But I really noticed that when I started to bring my own lunch, I wasn’t going to one of the campuses many Starbucks to get coffee and junk food, and found that I just would stay fuller longer with eating stuff that I brought with me for the days that I would be staying on campus for longer than a couple hours.

10. Chromebook

I have a Chromebook instead of a regular laptop, since its literally 1 lb., has a battery life that lasts up to 10hrs (a life-saver while in class when there are no outlets to plug in your charger), and i haven’t ran into any problems with using the online versions of word for essay writing.

11.  External Harddrive

This is more for me since I do upload my youtube videos while on campus since campus wifi makes video uploading only take seconds instead of hours.

12. Reading Book

I always have a reading book in my backpack, because you never know when you have free time when you’ve been ahead in your readings (currently not me…I’m playing catch-up but you never know).


What’s in your backpack? Let me know in the comments and follow me on my social media because I’ll be running a few more giveaways on my youtube channel!

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How To Prepare For A New Semester

So in the spirit of Spring Semester starting up for me in about a week or so, I thought it would be good to make a blog post about how to properly prepare for a new semester.

Continue reading “How To Prepare For A New Semester”

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Making Some Changes…

So I know that this sounds like an early new years resolution post, but it’s not.
This blog post has been in the works for about a month now and I’m finally just writing this now.
There are things that I’ve stepped away from that I want to involve myself in again, and things that I want to continue on doing that I’ve started up as of recently.

Project Panning

This was one thing that I regretted stopping and i honestly think it was because i put to much pressure on myself to only use a set amount of products, and picked too many products for both projects (one that I started at the beginning of this year, and did actually do a couple updates, and one that I started last year, and never really made progress on at all). But this around I’m just going to try and work through a couple products that are older in my makeup collection (I literally have a palette from like 2007 that I haven’t touched…and it would be a great palette to use in collaboration to a matte palette, since there are only 2 shades that are matte and everything else is a simmer.) Now I know that we are coming up to the end of the year in like 4 months, but I still feel like I want to start this up again because I feel like if I use these makeup products every couple of days a week that I’ll be able to make a lot of progress on them.
Products that I want to try and make progress on:

Kat Von D High Voltage Eye Primer
Kat Von D Saint Palette
Kat Von D Foundation
Wet n Wild Single in Sugar
Kat Von D Painted Love Lipstick in the Shade Rosary
Bareminerals Moxie Lipstick in the Shade Fly High
E.L.F. Contour Palette
Wet n Wild stick highlight
Trestique stick highlight in maldives lumescent
Nyx Dual ended highlight and contour stick
mac cosmetics strobe cream
Maybelline Super Stay Better Skin Powder in the shade classic ivory

If you guys want to check out my most recent video, it’s where I do a get ready with me using all of these products. I’ll be doing monthly updates on the progress and switching out products that I don’t use or are seasonal products, in my mind at least.
Walking Everyday:
Now I started this at the beginning of the summer, and i walked every morning after I put my brother on the bus. I would usually walk around 2 miles, 1 mile from home and then walk a miles back to the house and I was planning on building up my mileage after I felt that it was going to get easier, but then with the weather (it started getting hotter earlier in the day which made me less motivated to do my walking in the morning because i would sweat alot more than if it was still cool out. The thing is that now the weather is going back to being cold again in SoCal, and well even with my schedule of classes this semester, I still don’t have a reason to no be walking like i would for the couple weeks that I did do it. Cause i found that I could have sometime to myself, where I could just walk and listen to podcasts in the morning instead of spending my morning binge-watching youtube videos. So, after this post goes up, I will be starting to walk everyday again, even afterschool (monday/wednesdays, since i have classes until like 3pm…) and then I’ll walk again in the mornings on tuesdays, thrusdays and fridays (since i have no classes on fridays and i have 1 afternoon class on tuesdays/thursdays). I’m going to stay committed to this, because I knew how much i missed it when the weather was starting to get hot out. And what’s great is that my mother mentioned walking so i might have a walking partner for my evening walks!
Now this one, it might be harder to be able to implement back into my schedule, just because I already spend alot of time reading and writing, but for academic purposes, not for my own enjoyment. Before I went back to University, I did start to read again, and found how much I loved it again, and a couple days into my university schedule i found that I had more readings for my classes, so much so that I felt like I wouldn’t be able to find the time to read any of the books that I have in my personal collection. That however, I’m going to make a change on. I’m going to bring a reading book for me to read for my tuesday/thursday class, since i get to the campus and hour before my class starts, I’ll be able to fit in some time to read for myself (and because I literally have 1/2 of The Help read already and I’m dying to finish reading it).
Writing, is also something that I want to implement back into my schedule because I’ve been posting less and less on my tumblr and I love creative writing, but I found that after writing academically all day, I didn’t find the spark or the energy to write any of my fanfiction (yes, I write fanfiction, and judege me all you want cause I love writing). Just like me bringing a book with me to school, I need to find the time, maybe in the mornings before I leave for school to write, since I can’t seem to work on anything in the evening anymore like i used to.
Now, I have done at least 2 uploads that seem to be back on schedule and I’m already struggling to stay up with at least doing 1 weekly upload (which seems like its going to range from friday-sunday upload) since I’ve been using my chromebook more than my older laptop, since the battery life is way better, but the only thing is that it doesn’t have the editing capabilities that my older laptop has (since it does have my editing software that I paid for), and I’ve been usually editing on thursday or friday and then taking the end product and uploading it onto my chromebook. Eventually I know I’m going to have to get a new laptop, maybe not as soon as if i was using that laptop more frequently, but still eventually because it has a bad charging port, which means the motherobard is slowly burning (i know this cause my mom’s laptop went through the same thing and my laptop has a bad charging port) and well my old laptop is slowly dying and I know I’m going to have to save up some money for buying a new laptop (a cheap one, but with just enough components to be able to edit my videos). With that said, I’ll still be using that slowly dying laptop to edit my main videos and my phone to edit down vlogs (cause let’s be real here, I talk talk talk and everyone doesn’t even watch the entire vlog so 15 minutes is usual enough for that) because uploading through imovie on iphone, you only get to upload 15 minutes max (don’t ask me why cause I have no idea why it’s maxed at 15 minutes). But that is my plan (for however long my old laptop lasts, if it’s not too expensive to get a new mottherboard for my old HP laptop). And after that happens if i don’t have the money, then I’ll just have to start filming on my phone for videos and then solely using my phone to edit out material (I mean use what you have right?). But in saying that I will try and upload at least once a week (some material might have a delay since its vlogs and other videos I’m doing). But look out for at least 1 upload a week, usually on the weekends on my Youtube Channel.

I know it’s not alot, but with my schedule at university, at first it might be hard to implement these things back into my schedule but if i just work ahead on school assignments I’m sure that I’ll be able to effectively implement these things back into my schedule!
Let my know in the comments down below if any of you haven’t done something in awhile that you want to put back into your daily or even weekly routine?

XOXO, Jessica ;D