Digital versions of my sketches

Spent like all day today going over sketches digitally and coloring them in (my way of procrastinating on working on my patreon exclusive content and my other fanfic I'm supposed to post this weekend) But here they are:


Going Through My Old Sketchbook…

I'm excited to go over them digitally (with an Ipad, when I'm able to afford one) cause I just might have the idea to open up an etsy store to offer stickers of my doodles 🙂 My most recent doodle...took me all of 3 minutes the same sketch colored in digitally! if you want to… Continue reading Going Through My Old Sketchbook…

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March Monthly Planner Set-ups

I filmed 2 videos for my march monthly planner set-ups to show you how i plan with multiple planners. https://youtu.be/-axxus2ujII This video shows how I planned out the month of March in my new leuchturm1917 official bullet journal and also the Bullet Journal Method Book as well.   https://youtu.be/LP3FdHiqMSE And this video is how i… Continue reading March Monthly Planner Set-ups