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Paul Stanley x Puma collaboration review & unboxing


The Paul Stanley x Puma Collaboration was something that came completely out of the blue, in the form of a tweet by Paul Stanley, who announced the collaboration 10 days before the launch of the shoes went live.

I was debating on buying them because of the price, $110 in the U.S. before tax. I liked the way that the sneakers looked, and because KISS finally announced that they were finally calling it quits with a 3-year farewell tour, I was sold.

September 27th 7am PST I went onto the site and saw that the shoes went live, but I didn’t do my homework and had to figure out the conversion of men’s shoe size to women (yes it doesn’t come in women’s sizes sadly enough). I was lucky enough to see a pop-up on the window that I was in that said something about a student discount (20% off at the time). So I clicked on the link and provided my university email and was given a discount code to use on the shoes.

When I went to plug in the discount code and to finish the rest of my order, I was sad when the pop-up showed that they already were out of stock, and that was only a couple minutes after the shoes went live.

So, I thought “well I guess I missed out” and went back to my morning.

After about two hours, I went back to the tab (yes, it was still open) and just being curious reloaded the page and saw that the shoes and the size that I specifically fit into were back in stock on the website. So, I ordered them. And after a week of waiting, they finally came to my door. And this is my video about the shoes.

Hope you guys like it!


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