How I Used Social Media To Find My Dog | Helpful tips

This is an idea I got that I would like to share with all of you with tips on what to do if you lose a cat or dog and how I got my dog back after only losing her for a day.

Take into account cross-streets

This is something I noticed first and was asked right after my dog ran because I knew I would need this information to let people know where my dog was last seen, and also to include in posters.

Make Posters/Hand them out to people walking by

After looking for awhile and when I finally went home I started making posters. Find a picture of your animal either standing or sitting because that gives the people that are looking at the posters a good sense of what your cat or dog looks like. Make the Font big and bright. Include cell numbers as well as a home number if you have one. Also, include the cross-streets that the cat or dog was last seen running down, and

Post to Social Media

While I was making up posters, I was posting the image that I used for the poster, the cross streets that she was last seen and her color, and breed. I posted on the Nextdoor app and all the local facebook forums for lost dogs that were in my area. And as I was looking for her myself after posting the flyers I was updating on the forums and the Nextdoor app the updates of the last known sightings of her.

And, these were the things that worked, because she was lost in an area that was not even close to where we lived. But luckily with my constant updates, and some awesome people that I did not even know that went out and tried to look for her with me, I found her after 24 hours of losing her.

There was vlog footage from the day that I lost her, and the day after when I found her. on my vlog channel.

So that is how I used social media to help find my dog after she got lost. I hope this information helped.

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