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What’s In My Backpack


This post, is mostly because doing this gave me a reason to clean out my backpack from last semester (because there was ALOT of trash at the bottom of my backpack), and because I do want to share with you guys the items that I keep in my backpack and take with me every day.

  1. Backpack

The backpack that I have is a Trans Jansport backpack, that is in the patriotic print. Now, don’t get me wrong but I only got this backpack was because it was on clearance after the whole back to school sale was over in 2016 for like $10, so of course, I bought it, but if I had more of a selection of colors I would have picked something more neutral. But nevertheless, I have had this backpack for 2 years and it has held up through all the textbooks,  and notebooks that I would carry on my busy days at University as a history major (cause yes, we write and analyze historical events but us history majors usually carry around A LOT of textbooks and reading books). So this backpack has done great.

2.  Pencil case

Now, my pencil case is an old ipsy bag that is big enough to carry around all my pens, pencils, highlighters and post-it notes and page flags. (if you want a more detailed blog post about what’s in my pencil case let me know)

3. Necessity case

Aka, the girly things I need. Like Pepto Bismol (cause you never know when you get acid reflux from the huge amounts of caffeine that I consume on the daily while I’m at uni). I also carry some period products, Midol, aspirin, hand sanitizer, lip balm, and lipstick.

4. Dictionary/Thesaurus

Pocket versions of both reside in my backpack, but as of my 3rd year at the Uni that I go to, I have yet to use these items, to be honest. But that are still in my backpack cause I never know when I’ll use them, especially with me taking my senior research seminar where I have to write a minimum of 30 pages, so you never know I just might use it to figure out synonyms that are long words to make my final big paper sound jazzy.

5. Bullet Journal

I did a fun blog post about the spreads that I created for january and february. This gives me my full weekly view when I need it and it gives me the option to change things on a whim when I need to and adjust deadlines for certain things. The great thing about creating a bullet journal is that it’s customizable and no so rigid like other planners.

6. Day Designer/Blue Sky Monthly/Daily Planner

Yes, I carry a bullet journal and a daily/monthly planner, this is more because this is the one that I whip out when professors mention deadlines or changes in assignments. What’s awesome about this particular planner is that it has the monthly view but then goes into having a page for every day and then a shared page for the weekend. I love this because then I can create tasks lists for all the assignments or readings that I need to get done on a particular day.

7. Notebook

I carry a single subject notebook. I just write all my notes for all my classes in the one notebook and then go and highlight the edge of the page to denote which pages correlate to which set of notes. This is useful when you have exams that ask for lecture materials.

8. Charging Cords

kind of self-explanatory, charging cords are always in my backpack since you never know when my Chromebook, wireless headphones or phone is getting low on battery.


again self-explanatory. But I really noticed that when I started to bring my own lunch, I wasn’t going to one of the campuses many Starbucks to get coffee and junk food, and found that I just would stay fuller longer with eating stuff that I brought with me for the days that I would be staying on campus for longer than a couple hours.

10. Chromebook

I have a Chromebook instead of a regular laptop, since its literally 1 lb., has a battery life that lasts up to 10hrs (a life-saver while in class when there are no outlets to plug in your charger), and i haven’t ran into any problems with using the online versions of word for essay writing.

11.  External Harddrive

This is more for me since I do upload my youtube videos while on campus since campus wifi makes video uploading only take seconds instead of hours.

12. Reading Book

I always have a reading book in my backpack, because you never know when you have free time when you’ve been ahead in your readings (currently not me…I’m playing catch-up but you never know).


What’s in your backpack? Let me know in the comments and follow me on my social media because I’ll be running a few more giveaways on my youtube channel!

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