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How To Prepare For A New Semester

So in the spirit of Spring Semester starting up for me in about a week or so, I thought it would be good to make a blog post about how to properly prepare for a new semester.

Look Up The Textbook List

This one is something that I’ve done since I started going to community college. I look up the textbooks that each class required so that I could get the ISBN number and start comparing prices from that of the very expensive University price list. Because you can get a deal on textbooks everywhere else. The one place that I have gone to religiously is While using Chegg, I have always found that the textbooks that cost hundreds of dollars, or the reading books that would be required for classes that would cost at least $30-50 would be around $10 on Chegg. So go check out Chegg, cause they give coupons in the boxes of textbooks, and sometimes full-sized red bulls, so like free stuff, why not?

Print Out Syllabuses

This is so true for me now more than ever! Because usually professors would give out copies of the syllabuses at the first day of a class, but now CSUF has a policy that professors are no longer required to handout paper syllabi, so I know that I am definitely going to be printing out all the syllabuses when I get the first emails from my professors in the coming week. I can’t stress enough the importance of printing out a copy of the syllabus yourself if one of your professors is not going to provide a  copy to you. Because if you don’t, you’re going to forget assignments and due dates, and I know that feeling of coming to class and finding out that something was due and I wasn’t prepared. After that one time, I have always constantly checked my syllabuses.

Write Assignments/Due Dates Down! 

Yes, I know you’re saying “but I already printed out the syllabuses?” But that isn’t enough. Once you print out the syllabuses, you’re going to have to write the due dates in a planner. This is just because there’s that chance that you might just lose the print-out copy, and its always good to have all your due dates and assignment deadlines all in one place.

Clean Out Your Backpack

That is if you’re using one from a previous year/semester. I have used the same backpack for a couple years now, and I can’t say that I can really see myself getting a new one anytime soon because the one that I have now has held up so long. Personally, I already cleaned out my backpack, but at the end of last semester. When you do, you would really be surprised the amount of trash, broken pens and pencils that you find at the bottom of your bag (or is that just me?). And it’s better to start off with a nice clean bag when the first week starts.

Label your textbooks

This is something that I just did when I received my textbooks in the mail. I like to take post-it notes and note which sets of textbooks are for which class. So that when maybe the second day of classes starts and you go to grab one of the textbooks you can easily figure out which ones you need to bring with you.

Start on assignments early

This is something that I’ve always tried to do, especially with the tougher classes. Of course, this would only work if your professor emails the syllabus early, but in my case, they always email them the weekend before the semester starts. But with my week of classes starting on Tuesday, I know I will be able to start early on some of the readings that I know I’ll probably be assigned in the first week of classes.


I hope everyone has a great start to their semester! Let me know, what do you guys do to prepare for a new semester in the comments.


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