New Year, New Blog and New Years Resolutions…

So new years came around, and 2018 is already started. I switched to WordPress, and have some new years resolutions, some that are new and some that are from last year that I want to carry over into the New Year.

First off, I switched to WordPress from my previous blog platform, blogger. This is because I was never really happy with how my blog looked. So in the New Year, I made the switch to WordPress. Because it looks more professional and there are more things that I could add to my page, like my Instagram feed, youtube videos etc.

My New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. lose 10 pounds (minimum)

so this was a goal that I was working towards during October of 2017, and I was making some great progress. I think I even made it to the goal of losing 10 pounds, but after some health issue popped up that resulted in me stopping my weight loss. I saw myself gain all the weigh back. That isn’t going to happen this year though. I plan on losing at least 10 pounds this year by walking the dogs on my off days from university, doing yoga, and drinking way more water than I ever did in 2017.

2.Walk the dogs more

This kind of goes along with the weight loss goal. Because I’m not the only one in the family that needs to lose weight, my dogs do as well. Because in 2017 they honestly were fed many treats, too many treats. And of course not enough exercise. I plan on changing that in 2018 by taking them both for walks on my off days from the university. And hopefully, by the end of the year, both I and my dogs will have lost weight.

3. Stick to a writing schedule

This is something I really want to stick to. I write fanfiction, and with my uni schedule last year I found it hard to find time to post. Or when I would find time to post, I found that I wasn’t motivated or didn’t have any ideas. So this year I want to stick to a writing schedule so I can write ahead of the schedule and maybe schedule posts out on my writing Tumblr blog.

4.post more study related posts on my Tumblr side blog

Yes, I have another Tumblr blog. This one though is related to studying, or at least when I started it, it was supposed to be where I could post my studying photos, but became a place where I would reblog other people’s study posts. This year however I plan on posting more of my own photos, and maybe start the 100 days of productivity challenge in order for me to post more of my own studying.

5.blog more

Hence the switch to WordPress. I will be blogging more in 2018 because I found myself just reposting my youtube videos instead of adding more content and explanation about the blog posts. I will be adding more context to videos that I re-post on here, and also just creating blog posts about other things as well, like photography (cause I really want to share some stuff about my town with all you, so possible blog post?).

6.bullet journal

I’ve dabbled in bullet journaling on and off for a couple years now. But I really want to spend more time making spreads as a creative outlet for myself, but maybe this time around I will probably do the weekly spreads for a month all at once so that I’ll be motivated to use my bullet journal.

7.be more positive

This is something that I was doing really well within 2017 and I just want to carry it over into 2018. Fall semester of 2017 was very rocky, but after having a few days of crying, I figured out what was wrong, and pulled positivity out of the situation, because without that happening, I wouldn’t have discovered how strongly I really wanted to become a teacher. So I want to continue figuring out the positive aspects out of the negative situations that will most definitely happen in 2018. So here’s to be again positive in the New Year!

8.be more organized

This i really want to work on. In 2017, I couldn’t even work on my desk in my room because it was covered in textbooks and other things. And now, I’ve started to clean it and throw things away that I didn’t even realize that I had on my desk that was taking up the drawers. Now that the drawers are cleaned out and some of the stuff that was on top of my desk is in the drawers, I feel like I can actually use my desk. And after that is fully cleaned i plan on organizing my closet, and going through clothes and donating some that I don’t wear.

So those are my 8 new years resolutions. I hope you guys like the new blog format. Here’s to accomplishing our goals in 2018!

What are you new years resolutions? Do you have some that are similar to mine? let me know in the comments.



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