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October 2017 empties | Jessica Bode

my belated October empties, but i still wanted to show you guys the products that i used up in that month, and the things i decluttered from my makeup collection as well.

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Giveaway of a signed copy of the heroin diaries by Nikki sixx + storytim…

Alright! this is the storytime video about my experience meeting Nikki Sixx at his book signing for the 10th-anniversary copy of the heroin diaries. I did something different, with implementing a get ready with me as well while i tell you about my experience. All in all, i would do it again in a heartbeat, and spend that 2 hours waiting in line to get my copy and the one that one of you will be winning at the start of the year next year! so good luck to all those that enter into the giveaway! Instructions for submission into the giveaway: 1) like the video 2) leave a comment on this video, let me know a personal struggle so that maybe someone watching this video can see that they are not alone in their struggles. 3) follow my blog: and leave a comment on a post of mine, letting me know that this video sent me to the post your commenting on.


Nikki Sixx book signing storytime + grwm + giveaway

who wants to win a signed copy of the 10th anniversary of the heroin diaries signed by nikki sixx personally? well all you have to do is:

1) like the video 2) subscribe to my channel 3) leave a comment about something that your struggling with, because maybe someone will see it and realize that they aren’t alone in their struggles 4) go to my blog: , leave a comment on one of the posts and let me know that this video brought you to the blog this giveaway will be ending in january…yes january because i want enough people to be able to enter into this giveaway…plus with the holidays coming up shipping this book out is going to probably take awhile so might as well just wait until January….I hope whoever wins this…that it makes a connection when they read it….because i know that his music and this book has helped me through the emotional times that i’ve been going through lately.
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October Sephora PLAY! unboxing review and try on | Jessica Bode

This is the belated unboxing video of my october sephora PLAY! subscription box. I’m sorry that this is going up so late but as of at least last week i’ve been going through some stuff and just got around to editing this and some other videos that I’ve had already filmed weeks ago. I hope you guys like the video!