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Making Some Changes…

So I know that this sounds like an early new years resolution post, but it’s not.
This blog post has been in the works for about a month now and I’m finally just writing this now.
There are things that I’ve stepped away from that I want to involve myself in again, and things that I want to continue on doing that I’ve started up as of recently.

Project Panning

This was one thing that I regretted stopping and i honestly think it was because i put to much pressure on myself to only use a set amount of products, and picked too many products for both projects (one that I started at the beginning of this year, and did actually do a couple updates, and one that I started last year, and never really made progress on at all). But this around I’m just going to try and work through a couple products that are older in my makeup collection (I literally have a palette from like 2007 that I haven’t touched…and it would be a great palette to use in collaboration to a matte palette, since there are only 2 shades that are matte and everything else is a simmer.) Now I know that we are coming up to the end of the year in like 4 months, but I still feel like I want to start this up again because I feel like if I use these makeup products every couple of days a week that I’ll be able to make a lot of progress on them.
Products that I want to try and make progress on:

Kat Von D High Voltage Eye Primer
Kat Von D Saint Palette
Kat Von D Foundation
Wet n Wild Single in Sugar
Kat Von D Painted Love Lipstick in the Shade Rosary
Bareminerals Moxie Lipstick in the Shade Fly High
E.L.F. Contour Palette
Wet n Wild stick highlight
Trestique stick highlight in maldives lumescent
Nyx Dual ended highlight and contour stick
mac cosmetics strobe cream
Maybelline Super Stay Better Skin Powder in the shade classic ivory

If you guys want to check out my most recent video, it’s where I do a get ready with me using all of these products. I’ll be doing monthly updates on the progress and switching out products that I don’t use or are seasonal products, in my mind at least.
Walking Everyday:
Now I started this at the beginning of the summer, and i walked every morning after I put my brother on the bus. I would usually walk around 2 miles, 1 mile from home and then walk a miles back to the house and I was planning on building up my mileage after I felt that it was going to get easier, but then with the weather (it started getting hotter earlier in the day which made me less motivated to do my walking in the morning because i would sweat alot more than if it was still cool out. The thing is that now the weather is going back to being cold again in SoCal, and well even with my schedule of classes this semester, I still don’t have a reason to no be walking like i would for the couple weeks that I did do it. Cause i found that I could have sometime to myself, where I could just walk and listen to podcasts in the morning instead of spending my morning binge-watching youtube videos. So, after this post goes up, I will be starting to walk everyday again, even afterschool (monday/wednesdays, since i have classes until like 3pm…) and then I’ll walk again in the mornings on tuesdays, thrusdays and fridays (since i have no classes on fridays and i have 1 afternoon class on tuesdays/thursdays). I’m going to stay committed to this, because I knew how much i missed it when the weather was starting to get hot out. And what’s great is that my mother mentioned walking so i might have a walking partner for my evening walks!
Now this one, it might be harder to be able to implement back into my schedule, just because I already spend alot of time reading and writing, but for academic purposes, not for my own enjoyment. Before I went back to University, I did start to read again, and found how much I loved it again, and a couple days into my university schedule i found that I had more readings for my classes, so much so that I felt like I wouldn’t be able to find the time to read any of the books that I have in my personal collection. That however, I’m going to make a change on. I’m going to bring a reading book for me to read for my tuesday/thursday class, since i get to the campus and hour before my class starts, I’ll be able to fit in some time to read for myself (and because I literally have 1/2 of The Help read already and I’m dying to finish reading it).
Writing, is also something that I want to implement back into my schedule because I’ve been posting less and less on my tumblr and I love creative writing, but I found that after writing academically all day, I didn’t find the spark or the energy to write any of my fanfiction (yes, I write fanfiction, and judege me all you want cause I love writing). Just like me bringing a book with me to school, I need to find the time, maybe in the mornings before I leave for school to write, since I can’t seem to work on anything in the evening anymore like i used to.
Now, I have done at least 2 uploads that seem to be back on schedule and I’m already struggling to stay up with at least doing 1 weekly upload (which seems like its going to range from friday-sunday upload) since I’ve been using my chromebook more than my older laptop, since the battery life is way better, but the only thing is that it doesn’t have the editing capabilities that my older laptop has (since it does have my editing software that I paid for), and I’ve been usually editing on thursday or friday and then taking the end product and uploading it onto my chromebook. Eventually I know I’m going to have to get a new laptop, maybe not as soon as if i was using that laptop more frequently, but still eventually because it has a bad charging port, which means the motherobard is slowly burning (i know this cause my mom’s laptop went through the same thing and my laptop has a bad charging port) and well my old laptop is slowly dying and I know I’m going to have to save up some money for buying a new laptop (a cheap one, but with just enough components to be able to edit my videos). With that said, I’ll still be using that slowly dying laptop to edit my main videos and my phone to edit down vlogs (cause let’s be real here, I talk talk talk and everyone doesn’t even watch the entire vlog so 15 minutes is usual enough for that) because uploading through imovie on iphone, you only get to upload 15 minutes max (don’t ask me why cause I have no idea why it’s maxed at 15 minutes). But that is my plan (for however long my old laptop lasts, if it’s not too expensive to get a new mottherboard for my old HP laptop). And after that happens if i don’t have the money, then I’ll just have to start filming on my phone for videos and then solely using my phone to edit out material (I mean use what you have right?). But in saying that I will try and upload at least once a week (some material might have a delay since its vlogs and other videos I’m doing). But look out for at least 1 upload a week, usually on the weekends on my Youtube Channel.

I know it’s not alot, but with my schedule at university, at first it might be hard to implement these things back into my schedule but if i just work ahead on school assignments I’m sure that I’ll be able to effectively implement these things back into my schedule!
Let my know in the comments down below if any of you haven’t done something in awhile that you want to put back into your daily or even weekly routine?

XOXO, Jessica ;D


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