The Dos and Donts Of The First Week of College/Uni

So now that I’m done with my 2nd week back into Uni, I can now write this post, because i noticed a lot of things during my first and second week back from myself and others in my classes.

Do: Look at the syllabus and download it before the class starts if you have a chance to do so
This is something that I always try to do if the professor does post the syllabus online to look at. This way I can get an idea of what we are going to be doing in the class before it even starts. Plus, it’s always nice to double check and make sure that you have the right required texts, or it gives you some time to buy them before the class starts.
Do: take down at least one person’s number that is in each class that you’re taking.
I cannot tell you how much this has helped me throughout my years in college. This can be helpful for when you miss a day due to an illness. And you have someone to possibly study with or just to bounce ideas off of because its always good to talk about your ideas for an assignment with someone else because sometimes someone else has a different way of approaching the same topics or has different ideas that you wouldn’t think of.
Don’t: ask the teacher “what if I skip this assignment, can I make up the points in some other way”
I literally heard this from someone in one of my classes on the first day, and i shook my head. First, if you’re already thinking like this on the first day of class, your already having the mindset to slack off on assignments. Second, this is telling the professor that you don’t care about the assignments, even if they are long and tetious and gives the professor that impression that your going to be a slacker during the semester.
Do: copy down the assignments in a planner, but in pencil, not pen.
In the last couple of semesters I have found that once I put all my assignment s down in my planner in pen that something ends up changing. So now I end up putting things in pencil in my planner since dates change and assignments change.


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