August 2017 Sephora PLAY! Subscription Review

The green Micro-mini Beautyblender
This is so tiny, and I get that it’s for concealer but like if I didn’t keep it in an acrylic drawer I would so lose this. Plus, application wise, I’ve gotten a better concealer application with a brush or the real techniques orange sponge, because it picked up the concealer. I even thought “well maybe its the concealer” cause it was a rather new concealer to me that I got in another subscription box, so I switched and applied the Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer cause I know how that one works and that mini beauty blender picked it up as well. I love how squishy it is and was very surprised at the expansion of it after I dampened it but I wouldn’t spend $18 (holy shit I thought it would be around $8, not $18 what…the….hell) Yeah would never purchase it and I don’t think I would ever purchase a beauty blender, cause the real techniques sponge is cheap but gets the job done.
Alterna Haircare CAVIAR Anti-Aging Miracle Multiplying Volume Mist (full-size: $30)
On Sephora’s website, it says that this volume mist is “A multitasking styler that delivers instant and long-lasting root-to-tip volume, providing flexible hold and leaving hair touchably soft. “ Funny thing about this is when I got this box and opened it I laughed because I have the fullest hair on the planet earth and to get this subscription box, you have the option of filling out your personal information about your skin type, hair type, which I did so I was REALLY surprised when I received this volumizing spray, but I still tried it out cause it smells really good. So I sprayed it, and it set on my hair just like hairspray leaving my hair stiff, and it didn’t make it feel soft what so ever. Next time I try this, I’ll probably just spray the ends of my hair with it because I love the scent of this but, it made my hair way too stiff for my liking.

My Burberry Black Perfume (rollerball version: $29.99, full-sized bottle: $125)
This perfume! IT is so good! Why is it that every perfume that I’ve gotten so far in this subscription boxes are scents that I love! The notes of this perfume are described as “Sun-drenched Jasmine, Peach Nectar, Candied Rose, Amber Patchouli.” It smells floral but not in a really sweet way, but one little spray is enough because it really lasts throughout the day, which is a plus for me. And if I didn’t have so many mini perfumes I would order the rollerball of this scent. 

Clinique High Impact Mascara (full size: $18)/ Clinique Lash Building Primer (full-size: $17)
This mascara and primer really don’t work the $35 that you would have to pay to get both products. I used the lash primer and coated it on, let it dry and then applied the mascara, and I’ve gotten more length and volume out of my favorite drugstore mascara, The COVERGIRL “THE SUPERSIZER FIBERS MASCARA” which is like $5. I don’t recommend this mascara or the primer at all because you would think using the primer would make your lashes look bigger but using that plus the mascara just made my lashes look like they were tinted black. 

KORRES Golden Krocus Ageless Saffron Elixir Serum (Full-size: $98)
Alright, wow didn’t realize that the full-size was like $100. But I used this serum before I applied foundation, so I used it as a primer, and I really felt like it was absorbed by my skin, it smells really fresh, and it’s recommended for all skin types, which is pretty cool. This serum is supposed to combat fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, discoloration, and loss of firmness and elasticity. Now I don’t know if it really does that since I’ve only worn it once, I couldn’t tell, OBVIOUSLY, but if you guys want an update, later on, let me know.

Hourglass Vanish Seamless Foundation Stick (full-sized: $46)
This though, I mean the size that I got was so small, and the shade selection was super off, but I still applied it to test the wear time. I received the shade Shell when like looking at the shade selection I would be more of alabaster. Another item where i was like “i took the little quiz and it states my shade type why did I get this one though?”. I applied the product in 3 stripes on both sides of my cheeks and a couples stripes on my forehead and blended it with an elf foundation brush. I was really surprised at how it applied because all the reviews that I saw on this product on youtube, made it look like I applied the right amount to get a hella full-coverage look but what I got was super sheer, and I have some redness and acne scarring, so i knew I had to go in with another layer. The great thing about this product is that it layers really well. However, it takes a bit for it to really settle into the skin because an hour into wearing this, it made my skin look super texture and I didn’t look at my face again until like 6 pm the day I wore all these products cause I didn’t want to see my face super textured. When I did look at my face though, it looked like the foundation finally sunk into the skin, and it looked like skin. If I had gotten the shade that worked for me, I would’ve been even happier with this. I’m 50/50 on this product however because of how long it took to sink into the skin to actually look natural.
If any of you have tried these products let you know what you think about them or if you have a sephora play subscription, which products do you receive in your august subscription?


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