Makeup That I’ve Been Loving For The Summer

So Since’s it’s mid-July now, I thought I would share some of the makeup products that I’ve been using for the last two months that have lasted in the hot, humidity that is Southern California.

I always start with a primer, since I do have combo skin, and some texture, and I don’t want my makeup coming off in the first hour. I usually use an elf primer because it’s cheap and gets the job done, and creates a nice layer for foundation or bb cream to stick to.


 This mascara, what can I say. I haven’t been using anything else really for months. It has fibers in it, so it gives the appearance of wearing false lashes without having to. Bonus: it comes in a waterproof formula as well!

BB Creams

I have been wearing these two bb creams since the heat started up in SOCAL. It really depends on the type of coverage that I’m looking for. If I know it’s really going to be hot out, I usually wear the Maybelline BB Fresh because it gives me an even skin tone. But if I’m going for more coverage, I wear the Covergirl BB Cream and let me tell you, I’ve gotten so many compliments when I wear that BB cream because it gives medium-full coverage and it lasts all day.
Right now I’m working off a sample size that I got through an Ipsy Subscription months and months back, which tells you how full-coverage this is and it does give illumination like it says on the bottle. It’s awesome and I would repurchase it, once I get through the sample size, because it lasts all day, even in the heat.

 Liquid Lipstick

I can’t say enough about this liquid lipstick! I mean it’s wet n’ wild, so it’s affordable, at $4.99 in some places and it’s also being sold as low as $2.99 in some drugstores. It wears all day, doesn’t transfer (because of course, the first thing I tried after it dried was the coffee mug test) it doesn’t leave my lips feeling dry, and I don’t have to keep reapplying like I would have to with regular lipsticks. And it comes in so many colors!
I use the elf contour palette to set my under eyes when I get done with my concealer with the shade that is on the upper left and then set my whole face with the powder to the upper right. Then I use both of the lower shades to bronzer and contour my face. It’s awesome, helps my makeup last all day in the heat, gives some color to my face (since I’m super pale), and it’s drugstore, what could be any better!
Second to last step in my summer makeup routine is to set my brows, I use the elf clear brow and lash mascara. I mainly use the clear brow to set my brows (since I have thick brows I don’t really use brow powders).
The last step, like always is to set my makeup. I have used luxury brand setting sprays before but this gives the same lasting effect, it calms the powdery look down, and is only $6.
So, that’s it for my summer makeup! If you have any products that you recommend th that will last during a hot day, leave them in the comments section, and I’ll see you next week!
xoxo Jessica

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