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What I Learned About University vs. Community College After My First Year In University

So I know what your thinking, it’s not your first year at university. Well, technically I did just finish my first year at university because I am a transfer student that transferred to California State University of Fullerton from a local community college. This idea for this post came about a couple weeks ago when I was thinking about the differences that I’ve come across with the transition from being at a community college and transferring to a University. So, without further ado, let’s get into the comparisons!

1. The Campus
Now this is more based on my own experience so yours is probably a lot different, but coming from my community college to CSUF, there was a huge difference in the campus, and not just the size. The first time that I walked onto the CSUF campus I was kind of let down by it. This is because the community college that I came from was smaller but every building had the same architecture style, and was absolutely beautiful. Coming onto the CSUF campus, yes the campus is old but the community college that is near it that I came from is older, and they still managed to match the architecture style of the buildings that are over 100+ years old by now. Also, something that I want to point out, my first semester at CSUF I was walking through the business building to get to my Political Science class and looked up at the ceiling as I was waiting for the class before mine to let out, and there was dirt literally on the ceiling everywhere. Now, again I know that it’s a big campus, but that’s something that we are breathing in, ugh ok story time done. That just really bugs the crap out of me that they can’t take the time to clean the damn ceiling. Another point that I would like to make is something that I’ve already repeated, campus size difference. This makes sense because the Cal State serves over 40,000+ students so it makes sense that the campus is big. But, I really don’t have to worry about running around campus, because being a transfer student I’ve already completed all of my GE classes so I just stay near the social science/ humanities building for all of my classes (because if you didn’t know yet, I’m a history major).
2. The Advisors
This of course is going to be different as well because I was apart of a transfer program where I met with counselors to the program each semester to keep up with my progress and to help me choose the classes I would be taking that next semester. Going into university, I felt and still feel like I have on one like that, someone to talk to that knows me. The only time that I have time to see an advisor now is during the summer, where I come in with a printout of all my completed classes and they just check off categories I’ve completed and tell me what I have less to take.
3. The Professors
Now, coming from community college I felt like the professors actually cared, and was open to discuss things about the classes, and even would stay after class to talk to those that weren’t able to make it to the professors scheduled office hours. The same can be said about university professors, in some sense at least. It really depends because I have had some part-time professors that don’t even have an office at the university that will take time and stay to answer questions, and then I’ve had some that seem like they don’t even want to be there and just talk about the books they have published, and let me tell you I’ve had that also a community college which to me is an immediate turn-off for me, where I loose respect for that professor, I might be harsh when it comes to that but if you keep on bringing up your books all the time during lecture like it’s a paid infomercial, I’m going to just not listen to you talk end of story.
Now, like I’ve said there are teachers that are pretty much there for the money, and for the time to write books about their specialty area of knowledge. And then there are those teachers that go above and beyond what is expected of them as a professor. I’ve had countless professors in community college that were very passionate about their field and it showed, and really made me interested in the subject and actually care about it. I have also had some great experiences in this last year with some great professors that aren’t there to line their pockets but are passionate in what their subject is and take the time to talk to us as students to make sure we understand the material. (and it also helps when they constantly are using different teaching methods so we don’t get bored, and that one teacher I had during spring 2017 history class that would always bring candy into class, your the real mvp girl!)
4. The Food
This is where both community college and at least CSUF are both the same, which is pretty awesome! they both provided and array of food, but I have to say CSUF gets more ahead in my book because they have 2 Starbucks on-campus.


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