So, since this week, being the first official start of the summer, I want to share with you guys the books that I want to try and read during these couple months that I have off from University.

Glass Castle by Jeanette Wall is a book about her own life as a child, moving from place to place with her parents. Now, I have actually already read this, but I added it to the list because i thought someone might be interested in it. I will at some point write a book review on this book because it is a very, very interesting take on this woman, who is now successful, who practically came from nothing. Like, I’m not kidding her parents at one point decided that it would be easy to be homeless than to actually take care of their kids, who mind you, all left them right out of high school and moved up to live in New York City. I know, it’s crazy! Which is why i read this book so quickly, because I’m messed up and love reading books about people’s messed up lives, and who ended up 
pursuing their dreams.

The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood, this book I’ve been wanting to read for years but just recently purchased due to a youtuber that has a book channel (as well as a beauty channel) that talked about the book, and yes another dystopian one. It’s about a fundamentalist group that kills the president and suspends the constitution. The first thing they do, when they are in power is to take away all women’s rights, for instance women aren’t allowed to read. Which i find ironic but you know whatever. The story is told in first-person by a handmaid, which in this society is women that are used for reproductive purposes only since in teh time that this is set, birth rates are down, which again, like of course they are your limiting women’s rights, like HELLO! But yeah that’s just a little bit about the book, which i really do want to read next since I do have one that I’m working on right now, but this one is definitely going to be read next.

What can I say about this book? The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo is something that I’ve started to read through Audible. I mainly turn it on when i go for my morning walk for about 40 minutes. Listening to her read this book while I am walking makes the walk go so much faster. She just goes through her life and her struggles of being a female comic. Now, if it bugs you when people don’t go through events in chronological order, because that is a pet peeve of mine when reading an autobiography, well this really wasn’t a problem for me because I wasn’t technically reading it, I was listening to Amy Schumer reading the book to me, which i must recommend for any autobiography, because they you get their voice talking to you. All in all, I’ve liked this book so far even if some of it isn’t quite what I expected, but what else was I suppose to expect when this is Amy Schumer. If you don’t know what I’m talking about just watch the leather special on Netflix, it’s funny and quite inappropriate at times.

How To Be Single by Liz Tuccillo. This one, is something that I bought in paperback form and when i had the chance also got the audiobook version to listen to when i was making that 20 minute walk to campus everyday during my first year in University. This is a book I’ve been trying to read for months and I really do want to sit down and read it from what I’ve heard through the audiobook version. This book goes through four different women’s ways of how they cope with being single. It’s quite funny and if you want the audiobook I recommend it because it is quite hilarious. And trust me when I get done with this book, I’m definitely going to be watching the movie, because two word Rebel Wilson, like yes, cause she is absolutely hilarious!

A Dog’s Purpose, is mainly one that I bought from target (which i do recommend for some titles because you do save quite a few bucks on the actual price). I bought this because well there was a movie adaptation of this book, but after that whole scandal I knew I wasn’t going to support the movie, even if the trailer made me tear up a bit. But with seeing the trailer I knew that I would love reading this book. This is another one that I tried to start (some advice, don’t try and start a book when your also starting off a new semester in university because you’ll be too busy reading textbooks to even have any time to read for yourself) but from what i can remember from the couple chapters that I have read of this book, it’s from the perspective of the dog that keeps on getting reincarnated into other breeds of dogs. Plus, like it’s about dogs and who doesn’t love dogs right?

11/22/63 my first stephen king novel. I know right? like why did it take me so long? Well, in all honesty, I don’t think I would ever read one of his novels when its starting to get dark, because I hate hate hate horror movies. But this one, is something right up my alley. Because if you don’t know I am a history major and one of my obsessions is JFK. Don’t ask me why, I mean it might be the accent, or his looks, I don’t know. But what I do know is that this novel is set around time-travel, where this teacher goes back in time a couple years before the assassination of John F. Kennedy and tries to stop it. I’ve started this one a couple weeks ago and even though it starts out slow, I’m loving it! Especially all the details that Stephen King gives to the environment, so then you can easily picture it in your head. I recommend it, not because it’s about JFK but because the print of the book is quite large.
So, that’s it for my books that I want to read this summer, if any of you have any book suggestions, let me know in the comments!


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