Now I know I am not the only one that binge-watched shows. I mean I get all excited when I get a notification about the most recent addition to a new season of a television show, which starts the ritual that I always do when that happens, which is watch either the season before the new one or I rewatch the show from the beginning.

There are only a few shows that I do this for, which I’ll be sharing with you, because maybe you like the same shows as me, or new some new shows to watch. So let’s get to the list, shall we. 

1. Grey’s Anatomy
Now, if you were to go back and check my watch history on Grey’s Anatomy, and compare it to when exams were coming around you would see a correlation. I always, always rewatch the series from the beginning, when I need a study break when huge exams are coming up.Even though I’m not a health major, it’s still pretty motivational. The newest season just got added to Netflix, season 13, if I am correct. Now let me explain my feelings for this show, I do like the beginning, and I will watch the newest season, but the first couple of seasons, when Izzy was still around are my favorites, and after she leaves, well I skip seasons after that. 
2. The Vampire Diaries

I love, love, loved this series! I mean what is there not to like really? Magic, vampires, witches, doppelgangers, and prophecies! That is until the series finale which, I must say I could do a whole blog post about (if you want one, let me know in the comments) because there were so many plot holes in it and it did not go along with the characters personalities at all. But before the series finale everything is wonderful, so if you’re like me and hate horrible series finales, just don’t watch the last episode and everything is golden. Because if you do, it will leave a bad taste in your mouth, and also make you cry, because of course it’s the last episode of a series that had been on tv for over 8 years (like seriously the series started when I was in high school…so you know eons ago for me 🙂

3. The Gilmore Girls

Again, this is another one that I would binge watch around exam time. And of course, when it was announced that Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel were coming back to do a follow-up on the original series, I rewatched it like everyone else, assuming that the sequel that is on Netflix, was going to be just as good. Alas, not so much. I mean, like really, really, bad and the last four words that the original producer said that she had planned from the beginning were said at the last part of the mini-series, talk about predictable. But, again, I would rewatch the original series, as long as I don’t think of the horrible mini-series that is supposed to follow it, again once I start back to university for the fall because Rory Gilmore drive and motivation is goals!

 4. Supernatural

Supernatural, what can I say about this show? I mean it’s got hot guys, guns, classic cars, classic rock, in other words, it’s a pretty awesome show. The most recent season, Season 13, I believe, just got added to Netflix and you know when I got the notification for this one, well I basically binge-watched the season in a matter of two days. This show, just like Grey’s Anatomy is always one that I wait for to come onto Netflix because with my schedule at University, I never have time to watch it when the season is actually on television. But if you like some hot guys kicking ass, taking out demons, riding around in classic muscle cars, listening to classic rock and roll music, and occassionally having, what one of the main character’s, Dean Winchester, likes to call “chick-flick moments” give it a watch!
I hope you guys liked this little review of my most rewatched tv show series that are on netflix! let me know what your favorites series are in the comments!


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