Introduction,Other Social Media & Future Of The Blog

Introduction, Other Social Media & Future Of This Blog

Hi! I am Jessica Bode a 23-year-old college student, YouTuber, writer and now blogger. If you have come across this blog before it was littered with photos that I would take during my week on my university’s campus and I would give them captions. Sadly, with my school schedule, those posts did not last long. But soon after that, I realized that when I was posted videos on my youtube channel that I could share them also through my blog, which I did every time I posted a video. But I lately I have been thinking that I do want to post more than just my youtube videos on this blog, which led to me giving it a new look!
Since I mentioned the youtube channel, which I do upload 3 times a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays every week. Where I post haul videos, storytime videos (not the clickbaity kinda that annoy the hell out of everyone like they do me) but ones that are about my experiences at concerts etc. I also post makeup related videos on me trying to work through the makeup that I have, so I avoid ending up having a makeup collection just like every other YouTuber that does beauty videos (cause like let’s be honest here…it’s kinda crazy the amount of the makeup that some of these girls on youtube has cause like you know that they would never in their lives hit pan on anything cause they have a thousand of everything) and I also post weekly vlogs on my youtube channel as well, so go check it out if your interested!
And since I mentioned that I am a writer, I know your thinking “what does she write?” well, I write fanfiction, specifically, KISS band related fanfiction, yes I’m one of those people. I post the stories on my Tumblr and Wattpad accounts and also write one-shots (which are like chapters that don’t fit in with the timeline). So if you want to check either of those accounts out and become followers or just binge-read everything!
Now I am surprisingly a college student as well with writing and doing youtube, which luckily I can fit around my schedule as a college student. As of this blog post, the fall of 2017 is going to be my second year attending university as a transfer student, as a History major. I plan on getting my bachelor’s degree in history along with teaching credentials. And my hope is to give kids the passion and inspiration that I got some of my favorite teachers when I was a little kid.
And finally, my plans for this blog. It’s simple really, I plan on expanding on things that I talk about on my youtube channel like just recently I uploaded a book haul, and what I plan on doing is writing up book review on here about the books that I have read. I also might share any photography that I might do because I used to love the take photos of people when i was little. So I hope that you learned a little about me and what I plan on sharing with you, as my followers on this blog and that you hopefully check out my other social media and subscribe so you won’t miss any blog posts that I will be sharing with you all in the future!

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