Week #5

Ok so not that many pics this week to share with you guys due to me getting assigned a lot assignments that are due on my first exam days in some classes, so that and stress of trying to complete my first graded assignments and such but yeah lets get into the photos!
ok so this was a photo that i took of my monday plans that i planned out in my day designer daily. I plan out my dailies in this and also in my bujo (bullet journal) that i take with me everyday to university in my backpack.

this is a photo that i took on campus on tuesday cause i thought the sky look cool! 😀

screencap of paul stanley stretching on tour that i took on my phone to do a shoutout on my tumblr XD

again another paul stanley screencap…(hint hint! hes the one leaning his whole upper body against that kitchen sink…) just look at the ass…ehm sorry…I have an unhealthy obsession with paul stanley.ehm…ok next photo 😀

stella cuddling with me i think on friday morning or thursday, i’m not too sure but yeah its a dark photo but shes still adorable 🙂

very unflattering selfies that i took while testing out a face mask that i got sent to me in my ipsy subscription…yes i take this ridiculous photos on purpose for this blog, Your welcome you guys!

a couple selfies the day after…when i literally had my whole face of makeup done and then attempted liquid eyeliner and it somehow ended up on my forehead so i had to remove all the foundation and eye makeup and just had mascara, eyeliner and lip balm on…ugh liquid eyeliner is just the worst.

Stella being a cuddle bug with me in bed.

A couple of photos that I took while i went with my dad to his work to pick up some stuff, so i took the time to take some pics of both doggies 🙂

Zoey being mopey yesterday cause one of her back legs was hurting to the point where she was yelping everytime that she went to lay down. don’t worry today she didn’t yelp so we’re thinking that it was just a sore muscle in her leg from running around at the dog park.

stella again being cute and adorable

A couple selfies that i took today while I was out with my brother and parents running errands and shopping…yes yes i know im a weirdo XD
ok well that’s it for this week in review! I hope you guys enjoyed it! I’ll see you guys next sunday with another week in review!
love you, 


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