Week #4

Ok so this week, i kinda was lagging on the photo taking, but made up for it during the mini vacation that we took at the beach 😀
ok so first photo is a check-in for the makeup that I was testing….mainly the eyeliner because it was a sample that I got through my ipsy subscription and wanted to really test it out before i filmed my review of the products that I got in my august bag 🙂

ok those pictures were the after photos of me and the eyeliner which didnt smudge and run into the upper corners of my eyes -.-

zoey…being adorable and cuddling with me on tuesday morning 🙂

selfies that i took while being sick…ugh and im finally just getting over that cold. it was hell for 2 weeks :p

a pic that I took of me studying/reading articles for my history of women’s class.

zoey and stella trying to go into the dog park with dogs greeting them 🙂

stella off in the distance at the dog park 🙂

a picture that i took of a very very tired zoey after she ran around a bit at the dog park 🙂

the lunch that i had on wednesday. I had a chicken bowl and two giant california rolls. Look at those rolls they are the size of two regular rolls combined 0.0

stella in the motorhome as we were leaving for the beach on friday evening 🙂

zoey’s butt, as she tries to sit in-between the two front seats where my parents are sitting XD

this…this is stella’s excited face XD it always makes me laugh cause it looks like shes going fast XD

zoey playing with her ball on the bed.

zoey being adorable and also finally tired after getting all of her toys out of the back of the motothome and putting them next to herself on the bed.

stella sitting with me on this chair. apparently we are both just as stubborn since i didnt move for the rest of the ride up and neither did she!

this is how stella lays on the chair. always.

is this comfortable? i dont know how stella lays like that..but she does.

the ocean on saturday at 6 0 clock in the morning 🙂

just me studying geography and constitutional law by the beach XD

that in the distance is ships, some sailboats. but there were two old ships that were doing mock cannon battles which was really cool! we could hear it from where we were on the beach 🙂

zoey being cute and adorable and laying in the sand 🙂

just watching kiss rocks vegas in the motorhome winding down before we go to sleep 🙂

got a root beer float earlier today when i donated a dollar to help support leukemia 

these last two were of me trying out the last product from the august ipsy bag, a face mask before i film the review on friday 🙂 it left my skin feeling great afterwards 🙂
well that’s it! I’ll see you guys probably with the next youtube video on saturday! I plan on binge-filming videos to make up for not filming last week so yeah see you guys in the next post!
xoxo Jessywhisper!

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