Week #3

Ok so this week, has alot of photos…so let’s get into it! 🙂
ok so this photo is of me trying to read through my law articles…which are super boring thank god I am not a criminal justice major because i would be falling asleep while studying all the time.

Took the girls to the dog park on tuesday and stella made a friend…for like 5 seconds and then he or she walked away 🙁

Zoey in the van watching my dad at the gas station

Zoey and stella watching my dad fill the van up with gas at the gas station

zoey cuddling with me on my bed…more and more shes become my little cuddle buddy 🙂

my french revolution notes that i took on tuesday evening that I’m typing up.

drinking some hot vanilla chai tea…this has to be friday because I got sick on wednesday (hence no photos on wednesday…) and as of now while im working on this blog post on monday, september 5th I am still sick 🙁

taking advantage of having a cold by eating ice cream 🙂

drinking odwalla protein drink…i bought 2 when i went to the grocery store with my mom cause i knew my sore throat wasn’t going to allow me to actually eat dinner.

zoey and stella cuddling with me on my bed…like always 🙂

zoey being adorable with those big brown eyes 🙂

this is my grandma’s pinata that we bought her for her 79th b-day that we celebrated on sunday, and like i predicted she did not want to smash it so we took the candy out of the top opening 🙂

some selfies of the makeup that i did…when i started doing my makeup i knew i was feeling a little bit better…I think this was saturday when we went to the car show 🙂

this was/is my youtube schedule for this month and for october, as you can see I’m going to really have to buy alot of face paint for all the kiss makeup tutorials that I’ll be doing 🙂

now this is the start of the car show photos that i took while i was there…I love classic cars 🙂

oh yes…my red’s apple ale…I drank it all and it was delicious 🙂 and surprisingly i didn’t get carded…kinda weird when that happens but whatever.

selfie XD

selfie showing that well i obviously at one point had to blow my nose XD

my dinner that night…wonton noodle soup XD

zoey and stella cuddling

a couple selfies before we went to my grandmas to celebrate her b-day on sunday 🙂

ok so….my grandma is holding the adorable pinata….to her left is my cousin dakota, next to dakota is her mom, my aunt, laura and next to laura is my mom shelly 🙂

my grandma with her cake as we sing happy birthday to her 🙂 and yes it was a mexican themed birthday party XD

and of course i had to take these crazy selfies for you guys!
I hope you liked this week’s week in review and i’ll see you guys with the next youtube video that will be posted on here on friday/saturday…and maybe a vlog as well…and also this week’s week in review as well XD

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