week #2

Alright so let’s get into this week’s photos shall we 🙂
 So the photo above is a selfie that i took while walking to the campus on my first day at CSUF 🙂

So the above of Zoey laying in my bed, last monday cause when I was done with my 10am class i decided to just come home and relax for a bit before i went back to go to my night class.

this little cutie pie in the above is stella…shes my baby and well this is her totally laying her head on my leg as i was trying to take a nap last monday in between classes at home.


 This photo omg….this is of zoey literally laying ontop of me as i was trying to take my nap. Not pictured is also stella laying ontop of my legs. I think my dogs wanted to kill me that day XD

This is zoey’s face as i was giving her a belly rub. She’s a belly rub aholic. 

This photo is of my dinner monday night. This is what happens when you have class when everyone else in the house ate dinner. So i ended up having to microwave this monstrousity. Adding cheese kinda helped the mac and chees but that to the left is pizza. YES i know! let’s just say that “pizza” was so bad i didn’t even finish it and gave it to the dogs to eat.

This photo of stella was taken the next day, Tuesday, when we were getting them ready to go to the doggie park 🙂

This is what happens everyday after we come home from the dog park or just the park in general. They both race straight to the backyard to go jump into their little kiddie pool to cool off and play in the water together. 😀

This is a pic that I took while i was starting to study. I believe that this is tuesday as well. Yes I’m learning about the french revolution and i have to say high school leaves alot of information out about it. Very interesting sometimes when I have to revisit something that I have already thought i knew alot about to find that I learn more and more information. 🙂

This is just a pic of my notebook that i take with me when i have classes on campus and all my textbooks. the amount of textbooks and reading books I was not prepared for.

This is just a pic of what i’ve been drinking nonstop for the past couple months. Just plain tea in a mason jar. Delicious 😀

Those were just a couple selfies that I took on wednesday and thursday (hence the change of shirts) 🙂

A couple pics that i took on friday of stella being a crazy girl barking and wanting belly rubs. 🙂

The above photos were taken at my grandmas house when we went to hangout and I started playing with my uncles cat sammy. 🙂

this is zoey’s “why are you shoving a phone in my face look” XD

Zoey is not amused whatsoever XD

Zoey’s face in this picture is hilarious, it’s a wonder she even let me take selfies with her XD

Zoey is like “get away from me crazy lady” XD you gotta love her

yep zoey’s definitely not liking the selfie session

which im finally noticing at this point which is why im laughing in the photo 🙂
Ok well that’s it for this week in review! I’ll see you guys next week with the next posting of photos!
xoxo Jessywhisper


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