Introduction + first week in review post

Hi Guys,

I just wanna introduce myself before we get into the photos that I took throughout this week.

I am a 22 year old college student (History Major). I love the band KISS, love Paul Stanley, love all rock n roll in general.

I run a tumblr blog and wattpad account that is devoted to my KISS fanfiction that I write. Right now I have the first story up, called Caught Between Two Worlds and its sequel, Twisted Fate. I also write oneshots for both that are also shared on both tumblr and wattpad accounts under the name Jessywhisper.

I wanted to make this blog as a sort of way to motivate myself through my new transition as a transfer student to CSUF (Cal State University of Fullerton) and as a way to share the things that I go through throughout the week.

Now that that’s out of the way let’s get onto the first set of photos that I took this weekend 🙂

The first two photos are just selfies that I tried to take with my dog Zoey, which as you could tell wasn’t feeling like taking pictures that day.

This photo was one that I snapped of Zoey after we had the selfie session as she was taking a nap. Isn’t she adorable 😀

This photo is of my new succulent that I named Paul. Yes I named it, but this was the photo that I snapped of him when I moved him to the kitchen because on that particular day it was very dark in my room and I thought he could use some sunlight.

The five photos were photos that I snapped of Zoey and Stella while we were driving to the dog park to play ball. Now that we’ve started the routine, we can’t stop it because the girls love playing in the morning and then hopping into their little pool afterwards to cool off.

The above photo was one that I snapped while I was running errands with my dad. He had to get a tire taken off a rim and put on another rim for his motorcycle.

this photo is just one that I snapped to show you guys where Zoey lays at all the time. You guessed it the foot of my bed with those big brown eyes 🙂

this last photo is Zoey at the park, we had to go to the public park on Wednesdays because the dog park is closed on Wednesdays for routine cleaning. that day we bought her a Frisbee and we were trying to teach her how to catch it. We were so proud of her when she actually caught it twice! I have to say though the most enjoyable part was watching her try to pick up the Frisbee after it dropped on the ground because she was constantly clawing at it which was hilarious!

Ok we’ll that’s it for the photos!
I hope you guys enjoyed this first post and I can’t wait to share with you guys the photos I take this next week that is coming up tomorrow because it’s my first day at the new college! I’ll be sure to take a lot of photos during my gap between classes to show you guys the campus.

I’ll see you guys next sunday with my new blog post!



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