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January Ipsy bag Review


Sand & Sky Australian Pink Clay mask

This mask is awesome! It was exfoliating but didn’t dry out my skin. This mask really surprised me, and once I am done with this deluxe size, I am going to try and see where I can buy a full sized product.


LAQA & CO. Prickly Pear Lipgloss

I’m not usually a fan of lipgloss or the pH lipsticks/lipglosses that change color. But this one is pretty good. It isn’t too sticky and it has a pleasant smell (something i really didn’t think I would say about a lipgloss)


Eyeko that’s where I draw the Line eyeliner

I have tried other eyeko products and have loved them. I always like receiving eyeliners. As I mention in the try-on review, I have eyeliners open. So I didn’t end up opening this one.


GlamGlow Glowstart Mega Illuminating Moisturizer

This illuminating moisturizer surprised me. I thought it would actually dry out my skin because GlamGlow products always seem to contain alcohol, but it was actually a nice product to put under makeup.

Video try-on review of the products:

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January 2019 Sephora PLAY! Subscription Review


Laneige Water Sleeping Mask (5.3 oz for $25)

This mask is so awesome! It’s a lightweight gel moisturizer. I put it on the day that I received the bag, and I was so surprised when I woke up the next morning without any breakouts. Because usually when I use overnight moisturizer they are really thick and disgusting but this one is great. Plus Laneige is sold also at target.


Marajo Nourishing Cleansing Creme ($29 for 8.5 oz)// Marajo  Deep Treatment Butter ($29 for 5.3 oz)


Hum Nutrition Daily Cleanse Clear Skin and Breakout Supplement (Full-size 60 capsules/ $25)

Now when I got this in the box I was really surprised because I did not know that Sephora carried the Hum brand. But to be honest with you guys, I already take supplements (for other areas, serotonin/mood, multivitamin and a supplement for more circulation in the brain for better brain activity) and for the price that you are paying for 60 capsules of these, like completely not worth it. You can take a multivitamin and drink more water to get the same results.


Bite Beauty, Matte Creme Lip Crayon in Glacie (Full-size: $24)

This lip crayon I already have from last years birthday gift. Like the shade alot, but I might just give this one away because I don’t need another tube of this.


Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water ($32 for 5.3 oz)

I can see why this product has become kind of a cult favorite. You can use this primer water before you put on makeup and after to set everything into place. Really like the size of it for travel.


Origins Clear Improvements Charcoal Mask ($13 for 1 oz)

I have received this sample multiple times, either through this subscription service or through Ipsy. Really like the product, it takes all the gunk out of your pores, and is good for sensitive skin.

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How I stayed sane in college…

I can officially write this, now that I am finally done with my bachelor’s degree. Here are some of my own tips and tricks that I used throughout my time in college & university.


#1 Grammarly

This website & system has saved me more times than I can count. When I found out about it through a Facebook ad of all places I thought I would try the free and then soon saw how much more options there were with the premium plans, but I thought against it because of the price tag and because I was a college student with a limited income at the time. I went through and would proofread all of my essays and papers before I would print and submit and it honestly saved me from getting a lower grade due to common mistakes that the standard proofreading software on Word or Google Docs wouldn’t find.

Then as soon as I transferred to the university, I learned that the premium software was free to download through my university (you should check your university’s free software, and see if Grammarly is an option, cause it will save you so much money!) Grammarly has saved me as well when it comes to essay writing, because of the plagiarism check, which helps when writing huge research papers.

Plus, the new update to the program lets you tailor the proofreading of Grammarly to fit your type of paper (informal, formal, academic or business) so you get the right type of proofreading.

Also, a new update to Grammarly is for those that use google docs (which I use and I remember the pain of having to reformat my papers before there was a Grammarly extension for google docs). But now there is a Grammarly extension for google docs, and it works just like Grammarly but you know don’t have to leave your document to proofread all of your work.

There is also an extension that you can download if you are using a chrome browser and would give you suggestions for spelling, grammar and punctuation corrects so that when you are surfing the web, you won’t make any more mistakes!

And as a final note for this one, this and all of my previous postings and future postings are all proofread through grammarly!

#2 Survey Junkie

This one is something that I’ve used to get some cash through answering surveys. And it works too! You answer surveys and accumulate points, and once you hit 1000 points (which equals to $10) you can choose which gift card to cash it out on, or deposit it directly into your bank account. So this one takes some time but really is worth it in the end, because it’s something that I would do to kill some time.


#3 Citation machines

This is more for academic papers, but really it makes it so much easier when it comes to writing those long papers. What you do is if you need help with citations you can look up a citation machine, like You pop in what you need to find a citation for a book, article, video, or newspaper article. And after you select the appropriate one that matches your source, you can choose which citation type you need it in and then just copy/paste into your paper, easy as that.

#4 Scheduling breaks, and don’t do anything school related

When I would have either a break between my classes at the university, or taking the walk back to my car I would pop in a podcast to listen to or would listen to an audiobook to just let my mind not think about school or upcoming assignments. Because I know that things get hectic, but that doesn’t mean you should have some time to yourself.

I even got into the habit of watching shows on Netflix or Hulu to catch up on the shows that I would miss because of my late classes in the evening times.

And reflecting back on that time I would give myself, made it so I could take a breather, and come back to my assignments more energized and focused because of the breaks.